Quality Fencing

Secure Technology Inc. has been providing quality fences for over 21 years. Railroads, correctional facilities, government agencies, sports arenas, and amusement parks throughout the world have come to rely on our quality of fencing and experience. We are Southern California’s Light/Heavy Rail fencing of choice.

The history of Secure Technology Inc really lies in the history of its founder, Kay Reeves. A self-made man, Reeves has spent his working life to better his personal and business life. The precepts of his belief in his own personal integrity shows in the way the company is run.

Reeves started his working adult life as a police officer. Early on, he always helped others and expected nothing in return. While patrolling the streets of Southern California, he witnessed many preventable crimes and dangers due to trespassing. After many years on the Force, in 1995, Reeves ended up taking that knowledge and starting a fencing business that has grown tremendously, laying over a hundred thousand yards of fencing, projects including Amtrak, Metrolink, and Coast Starlight.